General Teaching Resources

Resources for All Ages

Additional Resources for German — There are a multitude of free German resources and activities for German teachers and classrooms on this page.

• Amazing Space — NASA has resources for teaching astronomy to many different ages on this great site.

• Digital History — This is a great place for resources on incorporating technology and Internet sources in the teaching of American history.

• French Teacher — French teachers can access many helps, worksheets, and more on this resource site for the French language.

Geological Society of America — The Geological Society of America has put together this helpful page of lesson plans and activities on earth science and geology.

• Library of Congress History Lesson Plans — The history lesson plans on this page from the Library of Congress are a great resource for teachers, as are the images that can be used to enhance lessons.

• MFL Resources — Teachers of modern languages will find the resources on this page helpful for their classrooms.

Music Teachers National Association — The Music Teachers National Association is full of resources that will help music teachers in the classroom.

• National Center for Languages — Here is a professional association of teachers who promote the instruction in modern languages.

National Computational Science Institute — The National Computational Science Institute is a page of resources to help computer teachers instruct others in computer science.

National Geographic EducationNational Geographic has this great page to help equip teachers to instruct students in a variety of subjects.

• NCSS Teacher Resources — The National Council for the Social Studies has some great lesson plans and teaching resources on this site.

• New York Times Learning NetworkThe New York Times’ Learning Network is a resource that teachers can use to incorporate teaching about the news in the classroom.

• Pools — There are a variety of good resources on this page to help teachers teach students a variety of modern languages.

Teach Engineering — Teachers can find lesson plans and activities for teaching engineering to students of all ages on this handy site.

• TryScience Teacher Page — The teacher page has good resources for helping science teachers come up with activities and lesson plans for their classrooms.

USGS Educators' Resources — The U.S. Geological Survey has many good resources on this page to help middle and high school teachers instruct their students in geology.

• Utah Education Network Lesson Plans — Lesson plans for subjects from every grade are accessible on this site.

• World Wise Lesson Plans — Social studies and history-related lesson plans based on work the U.S. Peace Corps has done can be found via this link.

Middle School (Grades 6–8) Resources

Chemistry Now — The National Science Foundation hosts this page that looks at the use of chemistry in everyday life.

• Discovery Education Lesson Plans (6–8) — Middle School teachers will appreciate all the lesson plans on many different subjects on this page.

• German Middle School — This is a good site with lesson plans, worksheets, and other activities on the German language.

• Getting Ready for the Big One — Discovery Education has this excellent lesson plan to help middle school science teachers teach their kids about earthquakes.

Inquiry in Action — Middle school science teachers should especially appreciate this page that provides many good ideas for helping middle school students to learn the basics of chemistry.

Hands-On Biology Page — Teachers can find some good lessons and handouts to help them teach their students about biology on this site.

Middle School Lesson Plans — U.S. history teachers may particularly appreciate this site with lesson plans that can be used to help teach students about U.S. Constitutional law.

• NIH Science Education — The National Institutes of Health has a good page with many free science teaching resources, curricula, and more.

• PBS Teachers: Grades 6–8 — Teachers can get some great teaching resources and helps for many subjects on this helpful webpage.

Teachers' Domain: Mathematics — Elementary and middle school math lesson plans and resources are located on this page.

• Teachers.Net Lesson Plans — There are are some great lesson plans for middle school teachers on this site.

High School (Grades 9–12) Resources

• ArtsEdge Music — The Kennedy Center hosts this page with a lot of resources for music teachers.

• Chemtutor — Chemtutor contains chemistry help for high school and college students.

• EdSitement — Teachers of the humanities will find this resource helpful for helping them teach their subjects.

• Exploring the Nanoworld — High school chemistry lesson plans and labs, as well as technology lesson plans and labs for middle school can be found on this site.

• History of the Supreme Court — Teachers of American government can find many good resources on this page to help instruct students about the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mathematical Moments — Podcasts, posters, and other resources on this page can help math teachers answer the perennial question they are asked: why do I have to learn this?

• Mathematics Teacher — Get a free preview of a magazine dedicated to teaching high school math, a word problem of the week, and much more on this page.

PBS Teacher: High School — PBS has some excellent teaching resources for grades 9–12 available on this site.

• The ScientistThe Scientist is an excellent publication for staying up-to-date on the life sciences and teaching them to others.

• Teaching Engineering: Physics — On this page, physics teachers can find activities, lesson plans, and much more.