Language Resources

Resources for All Ages

• À Tantôt Extra! — Here is a great site with many games to practice vocabulary from three modern languages. — This is a great site for learning German vocabulary, grammar, and much more.

• Dictionarist — Students can learn how to pronounce and define words from many languages when they use this online talking dictionary.

Free Translation — On this page, students can translate many documents, websites, and so forth from one language to another.

• French Revision — Many free exercises and games to help students practice their French can be found on this site.

Internet Picture Dictionary — The Internet Picture Dictionary has pictoral definitions of words in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

• Languages Online — This page has resources for Spanish, Italian, French, and German students.

• My Language Exchange — Free registration is required to use this site, which matches students with pen pals around the world for the study of language.

Quia Spanish Games — Have fun practicing the Spanish language with these fun games from

Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide — This Spanish alphabet and pronunciation guide is useful for students of Spanish at all levels.

• Spanish Dict — Get definitions of Spanish words, read basic Spanish lessons, and much more on this helpful site.

• Spanish Word on the Day — This page gives a Spanish word and its meaning every day to help students build their Spanish vocabulary.

Study — Study is an excellent resource for beginning Spanish students at every grade level.

• Verbix Italian — Use this page to conjugate any Italian verb.

• You Know the Drill — This is a good site for practicing French, German, and Spanish vocabulary.

• Zut French — Registration is required to use this French practice site for free between the hours of 4pm and 9am.

Middle School (Grades 6–8) Resources

• Beginner's Guide to French — This student-created webpage is a great place for beginning French students to visit.

• Bitesize French — The BBC hosts this page with many French language resources for students.

• German Language Guide — The German Language Guide has many resources for beginning students of the German language.

• Gut! — Similar to Zut French, registration is required to use this German practice site for free between 4pm and 9am.

• Harry Potter in German — This site about Harry Potter is in German and an excellent motivator for encouraging kids to practice their German skills.

• Hebrew E-Book for Beginners — Learn modern Hebrew with the assistance of the exercises and other helps found on this page.

• Languages: Italian — Visit this site from the BBC for some good basic information on Italian and to practice your Italian skills.

Learn Spanish Today — A variety of Spanish games, lessons, and more is available on this page.

Musical Spanish — This page is a supplement to a curriculum that reviews and instructs students in the Spanish language.

• Spanish Flashcards — Although the resources on this page are suitable for students of Spanish at every level, middle schoolers should especially appreciate the helps for learning the Spanish language on this site.

Wild French — French students who use one of the many French textbooks on this site can find free exercises and other helps.

High School (Grades 9–12) Resources

Arabic Language — This site is a great place to begin learning the Arabic language. It has many helps and tips for beginners.

• Ejercisios de Español — Here is an excellent resource with many Spanish exercises to help students practice their Spanish language skills.

• Enseigner TV — Enseigner TV has many resources to help students learn and practice their French.

• German Flashcards — A whole host of German flashcards is available on the other side of this link.

• Blinde-Kuh — Advanced students of German will benefit greatly from this page of German exercises, information, and much more.

• French Crosswords — High school students are encouraged to make use of these crossword puzzles in order to help them learn French.

• French Worksheets — There are many good French worksheets on this page to help high school students master French.

• Goethe Institut — Here is an excellent page for students who want to practice German.

• Japanese Lessons — Several free audio and text-based Japanese lessons are available here.

Japanese Online — Free registration is required to access the Japanese language resources on this page.

• MFL French Resources — This is a good page with many different helps for students of French.

• Practice Russian — Beginning students of Russian will appreciate the resources and study helps that are available on this page.

Spanish Language and Resources — There are many resources to help students of the Spanish language on this page.