Math Resources

Along with reading and writing, arithmetic, that is, math, is one of the three basic subjects that everyone needs to know for success in life. Whether you need to balance a checkbook or find the limit to solve an engineering problem, every person uses math in everyday life. Although it can be hard to master certain math concepts, those who take the time to practice and review what they have learned in math class will be prepared to utilize math on the job and at home. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to review and practice math because of the many online math resources for middle school

Resources for All Grades

Dictionary of Measuring Units — On this page, students can find a handy dictionary of different measuring unit terms.

• ECalc — Find an online scientific calculator and reference sheets on this handy page.

• Excel Templates for the Classroom — Students and teachers can find a variety of Excel templates for use in different projects on this page.

Math Reference Tables — Study tables for every area of math are located on this page.

• Online Measurement Convertors — Convert figures between the metric system and other systems of measurement on this site.

Middle School Resources (Grades 6–8)

Academy Curricular Exchange — This page is a series of lesson plans for Middle School students.

• Areas, Volumes, Surface Areas — A list of all the helpful area and volume formulas is available on the other side of this link.

Ask Dr. Math — Questions and answers tailored to middle school math students can be found here.

• Data Handling — This page from the BBC explores frequency diagrams, mean, mode, median, and much more.

EdHelper Math — Visit this page for several downloadable math worksheets, word puzzles, and more.

Find Prime Numbers — This resource allows students to find prime numbers within a certain range.

• Handling All that Data! — This is an ideal site for teachers who need to introduce statistics to their middle school students.

• Math Expression — Videos, study tips, and more are available on this math resource page.

• Math League Help — Students in grades 4–8 can benefit from the many math resources on this site.

• Math for Morons Like Us — This site takes a humorous approach to teaching and reviewing pre-algebra concepts.

• MathTrek Archives — There are a variety of innovative lesson plans and activities on this page from the Mathematical Association of America.

• Middle School Math — There are many great resources for math students in grades 6–9 on this page.

• Middle School Math Games — Many different fun math games for middle school students can be found on this site.

Order of Operations — Knowing the order of operations is essential to doing well in math, and this page is a great explanation of this order.

• Patterns, Shapes, Symmetry — The Geometry Center offers this page that explores patterns, shapes, and symmetry.

The Pi Page — Learn all about pi on this site.

• Sixth Grade Math — As the link title indicates, this is a page full of math resources for sixth graders.

• Visual Fractions — Visual fractions uses visible objects, games, and more to help students learn their fractions.


High School Resources (Grades 9–12)

• Algebasics — Students will learn how to solve basic algebra equations when they visit this page.

• Algebra Cheat Sheet — This pdf file explains the basic algebraic functions.

Calculus Help — AP Calculus students will especially appreciate the calculus resources on this website.

• Complex Numbers and Trigonometry — High school students of trigonometry will benefit from the many trigonometry helps on this page.

• Dave's Short Trig Course — This page is an excellent short introduction to trigonometry.

• Easy Algebra Equations — This site has many easy algebra problems that can help students practice their math skills.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions — Students can find basic information on exponential and logarithmic functions on this page.

• Geometry Online — This Rice University page has many activities that students can use to test and practice their geometry knowledge.

• High School Math Worksheet Center — Many free math worksheets can be downloaded for high schoolers on this page.

• Interactive Algebra — High school students can practice their algebra on this page filled with randomly generated algebra programs.

JAVA Gallery of Interactive Geometry — The JAVA gallery of interactive geometry allows geometry students to practice the concepts they are learning.

• Math Lessons — This page is full of interactive math lessons ranging from simple topics to advanced calculus.

• Nick's Mathematical Puzzles — The puzzles on this page incorporate concepts from high school math.

• Probability Problems — Learn all about probability and find many probability problems via this link.

• S.O.S. Math: Algebra — Find all the algebra information you need to solve problems on this helpful resource site.

• Stat Trek — Stat Trek allows students to learn statistics and review statistical concepts.

• What Do Numbers Tell Us? — Using a fictional election, this site explains what the numbers behind polling results show us.