Music Resources

Resources for All Ages

Audacity — Audacity is a free software system that allows students to record and edit songs and other noises/tunes.

• Automatic Chord Transposer — Transpose music from one key to another on this easy-to-use site.

• The Broadway Musical Home — Information on all the major Broadway musicals ever released can be accessed here.

• DanMan's Tuner — DanMan’s tuner allows studetns to tune nearly any instrument.

• Free Sheet Music Directory — Find a ton of free sheet music on this resource page.

• Harmony Central — This site by and for musicians has a lot of good music resources for music students at every level.

• Major Scale in All Keys — The notes of the major scale in all twelve keys are presented on this site.

• Metronome Online — Keep the beat with this free online metronome.

• Music — Music has a full list of lessons, exercises, and tools to help anyone learn music theory.

• Petrucci Music Library — The Petrucci Music Library has a lot of free sheet music to download that is in the public domain.

• Song Facts — The Song Facts website has good information on the history of different songs, their composer, and much more.

Strings' Library Articles — Students can read some good articles on stringed instruments as well as their history and uses on this page.

• Teoría — Teoría is an excellent place to learn about music theory and practice using many music theory resources.

Ultimate Band List — The articles and resources on this page will be especially useful for the study of modern popular music. — This webpage has a lot of good information and resources for learning to sing properly.

Middle School (Grades 6–8) Resources

• Begin Band — Begin Band is an excellent place for new band students to start to find the instrument they should play and much more.

Classical Composers Database — Middle school students, as well as people of all ages, can start their research into classical music on this page.

• Classical Score — This is a great basic timeline of music history and the history of humns and hymnody.

• Composer Biographies — Several short biographies of the major composers in history can be found on the other side of this link.

Introduction to Reading Music — Get prepared to read music accurately with this helpful resource page.

• The Mozart Project — This page is a comprehensive resource on the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Piano Society — Students can really learn how to appreciate music when they use this page full of free classical piano recordings.

John Williams Collection — Learn all about the famous composer of movie soundtracks and much more on this site.

• Music Learning Games — Dozens of free games to help students learn music can be found on this page.

• Virginia Tech's Composer Index — Find an index of major composers that tells you how to pronounce their names and gives some very basic biographical information.

• Women Composers — Read about the major women composers in history on this page.

High School (Grades 9–12) Resources

• American Music Therapy Association — Students of music may want to pursue a career in music therapy, and this page will help them understand the basics of this vocation.

• American Popular Music Before 1900 — The resources on this site are a comprehensive guide to American popular music before the year 1900.

• Andrew Lloyd Webber — Here is the official site of one of the most prolific Broadway composers who has ever lived.

• The Beatles — This is the official homepage for one of the most influential musical acts of the twentieth century.

Chronological List of Composers — The major composers born between 1692 and 1797 are listed in chronological order on this page.

• The Clarinet Pages — This is a comprehensive resource site for clarinet lovers and players.

• Leonard Bernstein Collection — The Leonard Bernstein Collection contains many resources on the famous American composer.

Bach Homepage — Learn all about the famous German composer on this comprehensive website.

• Free Blank Sheet Music — The free sheet music on this page makes it easy to write your own tunes.

• Guitar Chords Magic — This is a one-stop site for everything related to guitar chords.

• The Musical Mind — The resources on this page are great to help people learn to play by ear.

• Music Theory Examples — Students who have mastered some of the basics of music theory can use this page to practice their music reading and music theory skills.

Online Guitar Books — Online Guitar Books has some excellent resources for students and teachers of guitar.

• Save the Music — This site explains why it is important to save music education classes in the public schools.